Another milestone shoot and my fave for a long time. We initially planned to shoot near a tree – a special tree with a swing, in fact – not far from the wheat field, but we were greeted by UW Campus Police who said we did not have permission to park there and forced us to move our cars. This set us back at least half an hour. Nevertheless we got some great photos and ultimately the shoot was worthwhile.

I want to thank Jelena and Sandra, who were both Miss Universe Canada 2012 contestants at the time, for taking a chance on me and waking up at 4-something in the am to do their hair and makeup, and thanks to Igor for moral support on this shoot, as always.


In Montreal

This was a trip around lake Ontario. We drove out from Toronto at 5:30 am and took many detours. First stop early that morning was at The Cheltenham Badlands – I was not impressed but I would love to return. We then got lost and eventually made it to Montreal by nightfall. The next day we went to Albany, the capital of New York and circled back home through Niagara.

Royal Ontario Museum

Midnight in Toronto

Had some things stolen this night but it was totally worth it. The owners of the Pier 4 Restaurant liked the photo so much that they offered me a free meal. Unfortunately, that was over two years ago (at time of writing) and I haven’t had the time to go. The photo of the Royal Ontario Museum is featured on 1loveto.com – without my consent, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless.


Chemical Valley

Petrolia aka Chemical Valley is the refinery center of Canada. It’s a small town near Sarnia, Ontario. I drove for over two hours in a snowstorm to take these photos one Friday night, and then two hours back. It was extremely cold that night and time almost flew by…

I was greeted by police that forcefully entered into my parent’s house (I was living with them at the time) when I came home at 4:45 am the following morning. They accused me of “suspicious activity” because I was “taking photos of key targets with a zoom lens in the middle of the night” … wow! They left once I showed them my photos but they made no attempt to clean up or apologize for the mud their boots tracked onto my mom’s Kitchener floor. It was bullshit.

Big thanks to Sean for coming out on this trip and providing moral support! :)